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People are vanishing and monsters are appearing more often. 

It's time to find out why!
At least that was your plan but you fell victim yourself and are now on a quest to both cure yourself and find the mysterious figure inflicting these curses!

Available in English and French. (Peut être joué en anglais et en français)
有限中文翻译 (限量中文翻譯)
Español: no completa

If you wish to stream it, use this category: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Hexed


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Quite enjoyed the story from what I played! 

That's wonderful to hear!
Thank you for playing.

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Edit: I had an attitude problem when I first wrote this. Rewrote the final paragraph to be more nuanced and less rude, merged it with the good, edited the verdict to sound less negative, added a TLDR, and added two lines to the introduction.

TLDR: this game was not for me and that feeling was strong enough I dropped it partway through, but hopefully it will be for you. It has its flaws, but there's enough good in here that if your tastes differ from mine, it just might.

First the bad, then the good, and then the verdict. Since I didn't finish it, so please do not take this as a careful assessment of everything Hexed has to offer. However, it does sum up my thoughts and impressions of my time with it, limited though it may have been.

The bad: this game may be short, but it's still too long for for me personally. It is very short for RPG standards, but it couldn't keep me hooked for long enough, I can say that for me it was too long. The combat wasn't complex enough to keep me interested (I dropped it midway through) and the story doesn't do a whole lot of interesting things either. The battle art is inconsistent, there are no resolution options, and you can't access the item screen by pressing the i key (instead having to navigate to it through the main esc key menu).

The good: even if what follows is far from its quality, the title screen and music are wonderfully done. It's really impressive stuff! Especially because I assume it was done with royaly free material. Actually, while the rest of the music isn't as good as the title screen's, it's all decent at the very least. And while the battle art is inconsistent, there are some amazing sprites and backgrounds in there. The first battle against that swordswoman in the forest cabin comes to mind as a good example of that. And finally, while the rest of the story is nothing special, the premise is fantastic. It was my favourite part of the game. "Traveller gets turned into a spectre and, being the terrifying monster they are now, shunned by the world they were once a (presumably appreciated) part of, must find a way to live and cope" is a great setup for an emotional tale, be it purely tragic, uplifting, or both. The way it was executed here was not my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean the basic ideas were bad. I'll remember Hexed for it and who knows, maybe one day I'll find something similar yet different enough to set itself apart in a unique way that aligns more with what I'm looking for in a game or book.

The verdict: The flaws (like the fights or the game's length) were bad enough to make me drop it. That said, it's more than affordable, was originally made to show some maps to a friend (which to me makes parts of the game's design more understandable), and it has its share of redeeming qualities. Therefore, if the fantastic premise intrigues you I would encourage you to pick it up and play it, but put the difficulty on story mode. If you're like me and the combat doesn't really click with you, maybe that'll make it easier to see the whole story through and possibly discover some pearls that will remain hidden for me.

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You can change the controls in the options menu, the default is definitely not advised.

Resolution in RPG Maker is a difficult thing as it will always zoom out everything, make it too high and you'll have tiny text in massive text boxes and your characters will be very small in a map that feels far too big for them (Alternatively if the map is too small, you can tell the map wasn't made with the view in mind)

You are correct that everything was made with royalty free assets from RPG Maker (VX and MV) or other content creators who allow their material to be used for free if credited.
With all that said, we're sorry you feel the product was lackluster and hope to do better in future titles.

How rude must you be to suggest someone to take their idea and make it another game?! The game is only 4-5 hours long, that isn't super long at all. 

I mean yeah the dev knows I have well over 17 hours in to the game in one playthrough, also you can always change your keybinds. >.< 

(1 edit)

I'll give it to you that I wasn't being the best human being ever when I wrote that last part and that maybe I should just have kept it to myself. Rereading it know, and it was way too strongly worded. My god... I really don't want to be an a-hole, and if I upset anyone with what I said I wholeheartedly apologize. Again, I really don't like being a knob, so I'm sorry if I was.

That being said, there is loads more you can do with any premise than what a particular dev, writer, film maker, you name it, ended up doing with it. Taking basic concepts from other media and interpreting it in their own way is one of the basic ways in which creators make more things. Of course, if it's basically the same thing the whole way through but either condensed into a summary or fleshed out with more detail and conversations, that's a form of plagiarism, that's bad, and no one should do that. However, a new story doesn't have to follow the same beats as what came before. It's totally possible for a creator to come along, be inspired by something (either in a positive or negative way), and make it their own. They can execute a premise in such a different way that, yes it may be clear the fruit of their labour has the same basic idea behind it as its source, but be a wholly different creation in nearly every aspect. Every high fantasy story written after The Lord of the Rings came out or every space opera following Dune can be described with "that, but different". Of course, the more specific a premise is formulated the higher the risk of plagiarism, so maybe I shouldn't have been as precise as I was. But what I was suggesting was not to take the story of Hexed, add bits to it, and turn (for example) the walks into a written paragraph. Neither was I suggesting to take the first x minutes, not change it at all, and then go from there. I agree that would be quite rude. If it turns out we actually agree but it was a terrible misunderstanding due to poor communication on my part, I apologize for that too.

As for the game's length, that's entirely subjective. Different people have different amounts of free time and a different number of things they would like to do or explore with that free time. I for one have a neverending backlog of games I want to play all the way through because I know I'll like them, or at least try out because I think I might enjoy them (and that's not even saying anything about the books I want to read). Therefore I always ask myself the question: "Is what I'm doing right now fun? Is it worth the time investment when there are so many other things that I could be doing instead that will or could be more satisfying?" The shorter something is, the less time I have to start feeling bothered. For me, something is too long if those questions have popped up with a certain frequency and the answer is a definite no. 4-5 hours may be short in the grand scheme of things, I'm not arguing against that, but for someone with my tastes Hexed was still too long. That is all I was saying.

(Also, while you can assign the menu to the i key, you can't go straight to the items screen. You have to press enter first. It's a minor thing, but still.)

As someone with nearly 7k games, I understand backlog...4-5 hours is still extremely short lol. 

Also this is a RPG Maker game, it has quite a bit of limitations, but going straight to an item screen is similar and akin to older RPGs such as early FF and Dragon Quest games. Menus are a thing for RPGs. I understand ya may not like it, but eh, I dunno who ya are, or if ya grew up with newer games only or older games at all. 

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There's writing issue regarding the neutral path where you:


If you take the path to erase your memories
then Marsha is level 1 but in hexer kill scene
she mysteriously knows how to use Fireball despite never learned it.

Just something to keep in mind - i guess it's an overlooked part?

This was indeed overlooked...although I can't think of an alternative and it doesn't seem THAT important so it should be fine, r-right?


Another soft-lock:

ocarina of summoning in an area with 0 monsters the game freezes lol

Odd, it didn't use to do that...


There's a potential story soft-lock with the infirmary kid, if you walk into infirmary then out you can't walk back in even if you haven't seen the cutscene. I talked to headmaster and couldnt get back  in

Are you possibly talking about the door itself not being there for you to walk back into the room?
If you leave a map then the doors reset but yes, this should be addressed.


ohhhhhhhhhhh, I guess I had to leave one more map down to reset the doors.

Yup, the doors and the rooms are on the same map.
The floors are separate maps.
Making the rooms separate maps would fix the issue but alternatively making the doors close after you go through works too. (The latter was chosen)


There's a barrel with a potion dispenser next to the barn. You might want to add a self switch there. lol or was that intentional?  it's a nice game so far.

(1 edit) (+1)

...So there is!
Thank you for pointing that out.

Until the next update, enjoy your infinite potion supply!

(1 edit) (+1)

I've been frantically searching for these potion dispensing barrels after leaving that area haha - playing the game on challenge mode. It's a really good game! great concept i dig it I'll review 5 stars once I'm done


I found this game as part of the Ukraine support pack. When I got to Chapter 2, I got stuck. In other people's playthru videos, upon finding the empty school, Marsha floats over the fence right away, but in my version she refuses, saying she needs to examine elsewhere. I found nowhere else to examine.

I considered that I may have applied the Update download wrong & corrupted the game, but I forgot to back up my save data when reinstalling. Do you know what the problem might have been? I don't want to start again just to get softlocked again : (

(1 edit)

Yes, this is our bad!
We were changing it so you had to examine one side first but made a mistake and ended up with both sides having the same logic.
We've posted an update that should remedy any existing issues.

Thank you for reporting this.

We're unsure if you ever came back but the next version has been released which also fixes the issue.

You can transfer your save by copy pasting the save folder found in the www folder of the game files.
Hope this helps.


Sorry for going radio silent! Thanks for responding. I somehow managed to lose my save file anyway but will try again sometime soon!


I like the name "Wonder Weaving Studios" best out of the twitter list.

i wanted to play this game but it kept freezing up :/ i really like the concept though

Can you specify what is happening?
What error message shows up? (If any)

it just keeps freezing at odd moments. :(  Maybe its just my computer? But it plays other games fine. It kept freezing as I was going through the first village and going black.

So the game stays stuck on a black screen and refuses to proceed?
Strange, this is the first reporting of it yet you say other games work fine so it may not be your machine.

Can you think of any settings you may have enabled which is supposed to change how your machine works?
Examples of things that can cause unexpected issues are: poorly installed drivers or OS updates, forced Anti-Aliasing effects from the graphics driver's settings (A personal anecdote is the browser would black over any tabs the mouse was hovered over.) or RAM (Or other hardware) capacity being exceeded beyond capacity / their operable temperature range.


I will look into those, thanks


Hexed is a fun game with great replayability value due to different moral paths and difficulty levels. I've been following the development and can definitely recommend it (and not only because it's sort of set in my game's world).
For $1 you can't go wrong!